MOVIE made with QuickTime Ver3 Pro for Windows Movie1/CG

Driving from Nobeyama to Kiyosato
(QT 1.08MB 320*155pixcel)by Kashmir
Rishiri Island
(QT 2.3MB 320*155pixcel)by Kashmir
View From ChuouLine Part1
(QT 1.02MB 320*120pixcel)by Kashmir
(QT 1.84MB 320*200pixcel)by Vistapro SAMPLE PICTURES
South Alps
From Senjo To Kita in South Japan Alps
(QT 1.84MB 320*200pixcel)by Vistapro SAMPLE PICTURES
From Hiuchi To Shibutsu
(QT 1.44MB 320*200pixcel) by Vistapro
Mt HotakaMt.Hotaka
(QT 1.84MB 320*200pixcel)by Vistapro
salps1.jpg The southern part of Southern Alps
(QT 2.4MB 320*200pixcel)by Vistapro
tamam1.jpg Fuji viewing from Tama-Toshi Monorail
(QT 1.2MB 320*160 PIXCEL)by Kashmir
Driving on the Vinus Line in Kirigamine
(QT 2.4MB 240*160 PIXCEL)by Kashmir
All movies are rendered with Vistapro or Kashmir3D, and converted into QT movie by QucikTime Ver3 Pro for Windows.

If you want to making many BMP formated files into QuickTime movie files, you had better get QuickTime3 Pro, which is a shareware.
But if you want to making those files into AVI formated (for Windows only) movie files, you can get a free software whose name is AVI Maker developed by me!