MoV is a freesoftware which can draw a bird's -eye view with Japanese digital map(50m/250m/1km grid) and USGS, developed by Kragen. This software provides many type of drawing. One of my favarite type is 'sketching mode' that is used for following images. This type of drawing generates black-and-white image, so file size is smaller than others.

北穂高岳からの槍 Mt.Yari view from Mt. KitaHotaka(22KB)
祖父岳からの黒部五郎岳 Mt. Kurobegorou view from Mt. Gii(18KB)
徳本峠からの前穂高 Mt. MaeHotaka view from the Tokugou Pass(24KB)
霞沢岳からの穂高 Mt. Hotaka view from Mt. Kasumisawa(28KB)
蝶ヶ岳からの槍穂高 Mt. Yari & Mt. Hotaka view from Mt. Chou(28KB)
丹沢・塔ヶ岳より View from Mt. Tou (in Tanzawa)(29KB)
大菩薩峠より View from the Daibosatsu Pass(20KB)
三ッ峠山より View from Mt. Mitsutouge(22KB)
かつらぎ山頂展望公園駅より View from the station of the Prospective Park at the top of Mt. Katsuragi (Izu Pref)(19KB)
至仏山より燧ヶ岳 Mt. Hiuchi view from Mt. Shibutsu (Oze)(24KB)


 Images in this page generated by Mov which developed by Kragen, with '50m Grid (Elevation) Data' and '250m Grid (Elevation) Data' provided by the GSI of Japan, and also uses the free digital height data provided by FYAMAP.

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